Inspired people building inspired places

Oetee is a full-service design and fabrication company dedicated to crafting branded environments. From conception to construction (and often beyond), we collaborate with our clients to achieve spatial success.

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Design & Branding

Design & branding

Originality is everything. We design and specify interiors, storefronts, pop-ups, signage,  graphics, displays, lighting, furnishings, styling, and much more in our Chicago design studio.

We break down every design project into three categories: Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics. Mechanics are functions that push form into a specific mechanical direction; dynamics are the tools that help us achieve sound mechanics that align with project goals; aesthetics are the by-product of the first two, how we keep form, push function, and end with beautiful results.



Our in-house craftsmen are solution-minded and unusually creative. Through work with various materials – woods, glass, metals, plastics, composites, masonry, lighting, technology, and more– our team is constantly growing their knowledge base to build fully integrated, one-of-a-kind pieces.


Event Management / Production

Events have a lot of moving pieces and unique needs. Using our expertise in design, branding, fabrication, installation, and project management, we bring all the skills, relationships, and oversight necessary to build award winning live events worldwide.



Post-fabrication, our network of local installers help us put the final stamp on each project.  From anywhere in the continental US, to teams of partners worldwide, we ensure your final product is installed with care, knowledge, and attention to detail.

Project Management

Project management

None of this can happen without organization. Our project managers will be in touch with you through every step of the project, from storyboard to final delivery and installation. Keep those email notifications on.